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Online Reputation Monitoring

online reputation monitoringThere is a lot of discussion about Online Reputation Management, but before you can begin to manage your online reputation you need to learn how to monitor it. This involves listening to online conversations about your brand and setting up alerts to notify you when your company is mentioned on the web.

Social media has provided customers with a means to easily share their opinions on your products and services with the world. This can be useful for capturing positive feedback to share with others, though unfortunately people do tend to be more vocal about negative experiences than positive ones.

What you should be monitoring

As far as social media is concerned, you should be monitoring the following:

  • Company name and brand
  • Products and services
  • Personal names (including any senior executives and spokespersons)
  • Marketing messages such as taglines and slogans
  • Your competition
  • Your industry
  • Your intellectual property

Where to monitor

You should be monitoring your online reputation on any of the following that are relevant:

  • Search engines
  • Google Places
  • Blogs
  • Discussion forums
  • Review sites
  • News sites
  • Social networks
  • Social bookmarking sites
  • Media sharing sites
  • Directories

A good tip to help target your searches is to add modifiers such as “sucks”, “fail”, “scam”, etc.

Monitoring rating and review sites

Just by clicking a button consumers can add and read reviews on just about any product or service on review sites and they also appear on Google Places listings when someone searches for a local business. A few worth checking are,,,,,, and

Once you are monitoring your online reputation it becomes a lot easier to manage it and build the kind of reputation your company wants to portray, so it’s well worth investing the time involved.

Adding Social Media to Your Offline Marketing

Your offline marketing efforts can be given a real boost by integrating it with your social media marketing. We tend to use offline marketing to create brand awareness, advertise to a specific demographic and deliver targeted messages with visual content. Online marketing, however, is all about interacting with consumers, by building relationships and having conversations with them. By combining your online and offline marketing efforts you get the best of both worlds.

Here are some ways to add social media to your offline marketing:

Adding Social Media to your Email

Adding social media to email marketingI recently blogged on adding social media to your website and this time am going to look at how to add it to your email.

Social media is a great complement to your email marketing activities as it gives you more opportunities for sharing information and engaging your readers. Integrating the two will strengthen your efforts in both.

So how do you go about it?

Social Media Kickstart Plan

If you want to get started with or re-examine your social media marketing in a hurry, then WSI’s Social Media Kickstart Plan may be just what you’re looking for.

It can be difficult to find the time to get your social media marketing going, and the thought of investing all that time and effort can be overwhelming, especially when you’re not even sure whether it’s going to work for you or not. Our Kickstart Plan has been designed to help businesses set up a strategy and get it underway, whether they are brand new to social media or just need to revise what they’ve already been doing.

During the three month Kickstart Plan we will take a look at any social media activity you’re already engaged in to see what is working and what isn’t. We’ll then create a social media strategy based on your branding, your web presence and your other marketing activities, and set up or revise three social networking accounts accordingly. We’ll also create a blog (or integrate an existing one) with these networks.  The plan also includes updates to your feeds and blog, and we’ll advise on, edit and publish content for you.

Find out what else is included in the Social Media Kickstart Plan.

At the end of the three months we will analyse your social media activities and present the results to you. You’ll then be in a much stronger position to decide how to proceed. If you’re happy with the results you can then continue using our services or get us to help you move your activities in-house.

Get more information about the Social Media Kickstart Plan or contact us now to help you get started right away.

Social Media – How to Write a Press Release

Press Release Social MediaThe first thing you need to decide is what your news is, make sure your announcement is relevant to your business and also something that people will find of interest, there’s no point writing a Press Release about business as usual.

Make sure that you include clear call to actions so that readers know what they need to do next, why not include some important points but encourage people to visit your website to find out more.  Make sure that it is clear and concise this isn’t the place to write a full blown essay, nor is it the right time to use lots of industry jargon.  Keep to the point and write for your audience and not yourself.

Encourage readers to interact with you by including links to your social networking profiles and think about using other media such as images and video to both engage with your audience and link back to your website.

Once you are happy with the finished piece you need to publish it, first off make sure you post it on your own website and then syndicate across your own social networks.  Then submit your Press Release to local newspapers and magazines and also via PR distribution websites that can help you increase your potential audience.

Write a blog post about your news and link to your Press Release and again, syndicate this blog post across your social networking sites, this is all about reaching as big an audience as possible to help spread your message as well as helping SEO efforts by creating new content and links to your website.

Follow up on further news as it occurs so that people are kept up to date.

Find out more about how to use press releases and social media in your business

Adding Social Media to your Website

Integrating your social media activities with your existing online presence is important for several reasons. Your social media profiles can bring more traffic to your website and vice versa, it will make your website more interactive so visitors are more likely to engage with you, and it can help you to build more overall brand recognition on the internet.

Best Practices for Measuring Social Media ROI

Social media ROI checklistIn my last blog, Measuring Social Media ROI, I looked at how to determine the value of your social media activity. Following on from this, here are some best practices to keep in mind:

1. Define clear goals

You can’t evaluate the return on investment properly if you don’t know what it is you are trying to achieve.

2. Track KPIs overtime to determine trends

If you keep track of your key performance indicators each month you’ll soon see whether any trends are emerging and it will be easy to track them back to their point of origin.

Measuring Social Media ROI

Social media ROIAccording to an eMarketer report from November 2010 only about 14.7% of businesses actively measure their social media ROI. The majority of businesses put a lot of energy into launching and engaging in a variety of social media activity but not very much effort into measuring their effectiveness in actually producing a return on investment.

Part of the problem is that there really isn’t a standard process for measuring the ROI of social media, and there are those who believe it can’t be done. However there are ways of determining the value of your social media activity:

Social Media – what to do and what to avoid

Social Media

Social Media is an enormous subject and when first starting out it can be difficult to know what to do for the best.  Here are some guidelines to help you navigate through the minefield, if you adhere to these from the start then it will make the whole process a lot easier.  If you start out on the wrong foot then not only can you cause harm to your online reputation but it can be difficult to change things further down the line.  Like anything you do, you need to have a plan and firm structure in lace before you start, if you do this within the right framework then it can help you to run a very successful campaign.

What is Hi5

Hi5 is one of the worlds largest websites, it’s a social entertainment and gaming website that aims to deliver a fun and interactive experience to it’s users.  It is currently available in over 50 languages and is supported by it’s own currency that allows over 60 different payment methods and 30 different currencies across the world.